January 28, 2019

Candidates RBR Remix

Here is my latest remix for you. This time it’s Watch You Fall by Candidates.

The original track can be found on their EP1 release.

The offical video for the original is here:


More information on Candidates can be found here:


This remix was a lot of fun to do. I know that Steve and the band are pretty big Oasis fans so it seemed to me the best thing to do was to go down kind of Setting Sun by Chemical Brothers route. Many of the sounds in this mix are manipulated bits of the original guitar parts, some of it reversed, some is tuned down, some is chopped up, spun around and played in a different order, then I added some beats and a few synths here and there. I took the literal meaning of the song title and added in audio from a sky dive pilot radio which I think really helps drive the track along then one of the last sounds you here is a parachute opening. For Steve’s vocal I used some saturation and delay for added aggression and to help it cut through all the extra noises and beats I added. Being a child of the 80s I couldn’t resist chopping up the vocals for the middle section.

Anyway, there’s loads of stuff in the track, as always if you’re interested to know more about any of it just let me know.


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