November 10, 2018

Craufurd Arms 22nd November – Supporting Tony Wright (Terrorvision)

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September 1, 2018

RBR Update

Hello, so I’ve been a little quiet lately but there’s been plenty happening in the background.

I’ve updated by video section with all the latest stuff from YouTube which you can find here.

I’m currently working on another remix, this time for the stupidly talented Forest of Fools who have been ripping up the festival scene for the last few years. I’m working on a RBR mix of their track Ancestors. I’m hoping to start on a remix of a track by Candidates very soon too.

I’m also in the process of writing and recording my new EP I’m going to move away from the 4 theme now and do a slightly longer one with 5 or 6 tracks. Titles I’m working on at the moment include:

Poster Boy
Feel the Burn
Guard the Guards
And a new dirty electro version of Lipstick Girls

The songs are in a more electronic style than previous EPs but there’s still plenty of guitar in there.

Next gig is an acoustic set at MK Food Fest on the 15th September which is held in Linford Manor Park. Last years event was great. You can find more details of the event here…

See you all soon.


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April 3, 2018

The Science of Rainbows – New YouTube Video

Today I released the video for my instrumental track The Science of Rainbows, created by the amazing team at Art Studio 14.

I guess I’m known as a singer songwriter type performer at the moment but I come up with many different ideas for my music. I first came up with the concept for this track many, many years ago. I wanted to do an instrumental track with dialogue on it. It was my attempt to try and represent the mix of science and natural beauty involved in a rainbow.

Originally I just sampled some old Open University type lecture on the subject, but worried that it might offend someone if I just stole their content. So the track sat on my hard drive for years but I never forgot about it.

Years later I had the good fortune to become great friends with a woman who had a very keen interest in the world of science. After talking about the idea of the song she very kindly agreed to not only write a custom dialogue about the science of rainbows, but to also narrate it for me. So this track really wouldn’t have happened without her.

Once I’d heard her amazing content I felt compelled to return to the track and make it better so that it could hopefully act as a worthy backing for her beautiful words.

Yes this is a little bit of departure from what some of you might have expected from a Rise Bailey Rise track, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

So I dedicate this song to Jan Kiddley and her science.

And don’t forget…

“There are many rays of light”

Thanks for your time


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August 26, 2017

Circle for a Sun – Animated Video out Today

Today I release the animated video for my song Circle for a Sun created by the very talented people at Art Studio 14. I’ll add the YouTube link on here at 11am.

Circle for a Sun

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July 25, 2017

Gigs, gigs, gigs…

I have a few gigs over the next month:

Friday 28th July MK Comedy Cow Festival, Shenley Wood (on early doors before the comedy)

Thursday 3rd August Headline act at MK11 Acoustic Showcase, Kiln Farm

Friday 11th August Supporting AKA at The Royal British Legion, Newport Pagnell (My Birthday too)

Friday 18th August Sick In The Head, Slug & Lettuce, Central Milton Keynes

Saturday 19th August Legion of Rhythm Festival, The Royal British Legion, Newport Pagnell

Would be great to see you there.


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July 13, 2017

Next Gigs


Friday 21st July, Swan Fest at The Swan, Middleton, Milton Keynes
Swan Fest 2017

Thursday 3rd August, MK11, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes – For this gig I’ll be joining my brother once again in his band Starlings and Sparrows, with support from Manny and the Coloured Sky and Santini.

Saturday 19th August, Legion of Rhythm Festival, Royal British Legion, Newport Pagnell

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June 28, 2017

Carousels Remix

Here’s another remix, this time it’s Carousels by Holm

Holm – Carousels – RBR Mix

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June 17, 2017

New Remix Track Santini – Ducks – RBR Mix

Here’s my latest remix, the track Ducks by Santini

Santini – Ducks – RBR Mix

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June 12, 2017

Next Gig…

MK11 June 23rd

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June 5, 2017

23rd June – Return of the Wesley

Very pleased to confirm I’ll be supporting AKA at MK11 on the 23rd June for their “Return of the Wesley” gig…


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May 16, 2017

Gigs Gigs Gigs

Hello, having spent the last few months working on new ideas and projects, I have a few shows coming up…

Saturday 20th May – The Cannon, Newport Pagnell. Supporting Santini for their album launch.

Sunday 21st May (afternoon) The Kings Arms, Newport Pagnell. Part of their Street Food Sessions event.

Friday 26th May – The Cannon, Newport Pagnell. I’ll be playing as part of my brother’s latest project Starlings and Sparrows when we support the excellent Holm (I may join Holm for a song or 2 as well).

Sunday 11th June – Folk on the Green, Stony Stratford. I’ll be on at 14:00.

Friday 7th July – The Cannon, Newport Pagnell. Supporting Inlak’esh.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.


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February 28, 2017

FAWM Update

So today brings the end of my February album writing month challenge (FAWM). I didn’t quite get to 14 songs, but I did get a lot more done than I thought possible and I really enjoyed working on the songs. So here’s what I did get done:

1) Your Code Name is Jonah: Main vocal melody, chords and arrangement, pre-chorus and chorus lyrics written, bunch of verse ideas which need tidying up.

2) The Capital club: Concept/plot, main chords, vocal melody and chorus lyrics written.

3) Empathy Drains: All done, demo recorded just needs tidying up.

4) Unexploded: Arrangement, verses and bridge lyrics written (I already had rest of song)

5) We Breathe: Finished just needs recording (I already had chords and main hook)

6) The Clock Changer: Concept/plot, chords and general style/arrangement done, some lyrics.

7) Feel The Burn: Finished just needs recording, was originally going to be a guitar tune put may change to piano for recording.

8) The Girl Who Named Pluto: Main vocal melody, chords and arrangement, chorus and outro lyrics written, bunch of verse ideas which need tidying up.

9) Right Hand Man: Main vocal melody, chords and arrangement, chorus and some verse lyrics.

10) Flight 305 (The Tale of DB Cooper): Finished just needs recording.

I’ll share the demo of “Empathy Drains” in the next couple of days then will post the others as I record them.


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February 3, 2017

FAWM 2017

FAWM is February Album Writing Month! Every year I think about doing this, so finally I’ve signed up to try and write 14 songs in the 28 days of February. You can keep track of my progress here:

Rise Bailey Rise – FAWM 2017

I keep an Evernote document on my phone of new song title ideas which I add to all the time so I’ve picked a selection of these to work on. I’ll also use it as an opportunity to work on a few ideas which I have had for a while bouncing round my head. It will be a mix of full lyrical songs and instrumentals and I’ll hopefully get some of my musical buddies involved too along the way.


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January 20, 2017

Holm Sweet Holm

Thanks to everyone that came down to the Holm gig at MK11. It was great fun to join the band on stage for the night 🙂

Holm at MK11

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November 4, 2016

MK Gallery Next Thursday

Line up:
Rise Bailey Rise – Alternative singer-songwriter and loop pedal artist.
Teniola Ramos – 15 year old pop singer-songwriter from Milton Keynes.
Wednesday Wolves – A female contemporary folk duo from Oxford.
Richard Deux – ‘Jazz influenced singer-songwriter from suburban jungle’

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